Jan. 17, 2022

Will Rising Interest Rates Mess Up Your Move?

The Federal Reserve is planning to raise interest rates three times this year!  What could that do to your plans to buy or sell a home?  Find out now so you can be prepared on this week's Monday Mornings with Mark!

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Nov. 29, 2021

Pros & Cons of Listing During the Holidays

Should you list your home during the holidays, or is it better to wait until after the new year? I was recently interviewed by GOBankingRates about that very question! On today's Monday Mornings with Mark, we'll find out the pros and cons of listing during the holidays, and help you find out what's best for you!

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Nov. 17, 2021

Should You List Your Home During the Holidays?

GOBankRates recently reached out to me to get my thoughts on the holidays - should you list your home during the holidays, or wait until after the new year?  Well, it depends on you!  Find out what I had to say by clicking here.

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Oct. 25, 2021

The Woman Buried in the Movie Theater Parking Lot

Have you heard of the woman buried in the movie theater parking lot? It's a fascinating story of love, loss, and real estate! Learn about one of New Jersey's most fascinating stories in this week's episode of Monday Mornings with Mark!

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Oct. 21, 2021


I was just featured in an article that appeared on Bankrate about RESPA, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act.  Learn how RESPA protects you when buying a home by clicking here.

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Oct. 18, 2021

The Night Before Halloween in New Jersey

What do you call the night before Halloween?  If you're in other parts of the country, you might not have a name for the night before Halloween. Here in New Jersey, we've got a bunch! Today, we're talking about the different ways we refer to this spooky night before Halloween, and learn about the history of each. You won't believe some of them!

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Oct. 4, 2021

5 Home Renovation Ideas to Get the BIGGEST Bang for your Buck!

Renovating a home is quite an experience! Today, I'm telling you what you can do to have a fantastic renovation and get the BIGGEST bang for your buck! Get the most for your money!

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Sept. 27, 2021

Buyers Close on New Home, Seller Won't Leave!

This is a crazy story - a couple buys a home, closes, and then the seller refuses to leave! Find out what happened, and learn what you can do to prevent something like this from happening to you, all on this week's installment of Monday Mornings with Mark!

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Sept. 20, 2021

Selling a Home with Solar Panels

Selling a home with solar panels can be tricky! On today's episode of Monday Mornings with Mark, I'm showing you how to sell a home with solar panels, the steps you need to take for a successful home sale, and the one thing you NEED to do to get top dollar for your home!

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June 21, 2021

Keep Your Home SAFE While You're Away

It's that time of year, when people go on vacation and leave their homes empty! And the last thing you want is to come back to find out someone helped themselves to your stuff! In this week's Monday Mornings with Mark, we have 8 great tips you can use to keep your home safe while you're away. There's even a bonus tip that can save you a TON of headaches!

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