When this time of year rolls around, people start thinking about the holidays, getting together with loved ones, and wrapping up the year.  But what if you've been pondering a new home?  Is this a good time?  Absolutely!  Here are 5 great reasons that selling your home during the holidays can pay off!

Your new home!

1) Buyers are more serious during the holidays!

Let's face it, it's getting cold out, the days are shorter, and people have a ton of things on their plates.  If a buyer is out looking at homes, they are motivated to move!  Wouldn't you rather have the most motivated buyers looking at your home?  Of course you would!

2) There's less competition!

That's right, there are fewer homes available during the holidays for buyers to choose from.  That means less competition for you to get your home sold!  And the fact that there's less competition brings us to our next point...

3) You could sell your home for more!

Less competition, combined with motivated buyers, means you could get more for your home than if you wait for the market to get saturated with more inventory!  This is classic supply and demand, and you can make it work in your favor!

Holiday warmth

4) You can use the holidays to your advantage!

Homes look great during the holidays, and buyers can be more emotional as a result.  Let's use all those good feelings to find you the right buyer for your home!

5) Your celebrating doesn't have to be interrupted!

One thing I do for my clients is to give them the ability to pause showings on their homes.  That means that, if you are getting ready for a big celebration at your house, we can hold off on any showings until after your party is over and you've had a chance to clean up!  This means you can get the best part of the market, without having to sacrifice the best part of the holidays!

Time to celebrate!

And there you have it!

And there you have it!  Put some holiday spirit into your move, and you're sure to come out on top!  If you're thinking of making a move, give me a call at 908-705-5110, and we can talk about putting a plan together and making it happen!  Happy holidays to you and yours!

P.S. - Don't forget!

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