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You're thinking of selling your home!  Whether you're looking for a bigger home, looking to downsize, or you're looking to move to a different area, you probably have a lot of questions.  One of the biggest questions I get is, where to start?  Here are the four things you NEED to do to sell your home and make your move!

1) Speak to a lender and get pre-qualified!

Speaking to a lender is the most important step.  A good lender will run your credit, go over your financial picture with you, and let you know how much you qualify to spend on your next home.  They can also take into account how much you expect to net from the sale of your home, and factor that in to both how much home you will be able to buy, and what type of loan product will be the best option for you.  This helps immensely in putting your plan together, since you will learn whether you can do what you want to do or not.

Another thing a good lender can do is give you ideas on how you can improve your financial standing so you can qualify for a larger mortgage, and potentially earn a better interest rate.  Things like paying off high-balance credit cards and following up on dings on your credit report can go a long way to improving your picture.

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2) Figure out what your home is worth!

Many people look online to get an idea of what their home is worth, but a home is such a unique thing, it's difficult to get an accurate idea of your home's value by just looking on the internet.  You see, when a home valuation website comes up with a number, it pulls information from tax records and recent sales to arrive at a figure.  But there is a lot more going on with a home to just rely on numbers alone.  Those sites can't account for a home's age, condition, location, or any special circumstances that led to the sale.  That's why it's important to have a real estate professional provide you with a Market Analysis to see how your home stacks up.

3) Get your home ready!

As they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so you want to make sure your home is looking its best for the potential buyers walking through.  The best way to to do this is to take a step back, and look at your home in the eyes of a buyer.  What would a buyer think of your home if they walked through it?  How do your floors look?  Do you need to repaint?  Could someone imagine themselves living in your home?

Less is more when selling your home, so make sure your home is as decluttered as possible.  Throw things away, sell furniture or appliances that are outdated or outmoded, and consider renting a storage unit to thin out your stuff.  All of these can go a long way in impressing buyers.

4) Figure out where you're going!

You might be looking to buy a bigger home, or you may want to downsize.  You may want to move within the town where you're already living, or move across the country.  The big question is - what is important to you in your next home?  Obviously, you'll need to know how many bedrooms and bathrooms you'd like, but then go a little deeper - what towns are you interested in?  What home styles appeal to you?  How easy is it to get to work and play from the towns you're considering?  And how are the school systems (even if you have no need of a school system, you might want to sell someday, so knowing how the school system rates is still a good idea)?

The more you can think of for what you want in your perfect home, the easier it will be to find it.  Is it possible you'll have to compromise on some of the things you want?  Of course!  But there will be that perfect home just waiting for you, and you'll know it when you see it!

If you need help

Do you need help making sure you're going in the right direction?  Many of my clients have found that having professional guidance when getting ready to sell makes a world of difference.  That is why I would like to offer you my professional Home Selling Assessment, including a professional evaluation of your home, and personalized ways you can make your home stand out from the crowd!  There's no obligation.  Call me today at 908-705-5110, and get ready to wow those buyers and make your move!