Are you thinking of selling your home during the holidays? On today's Monday Mornings with Mark, I give you 5 great reasons why selling during the holidays can pay off! And there's a BONUS 6th reason that will really seal the deal for you!  Let me know what I can do to help YOU this holiday season!


Are you thinking about selling your home, but you're not sure if putting your home on the market during the holidays is such a good idea? Well, I've got five great reasons for you why selling your home during the holidays can REALLY pay off!  If you watch till the end, I've got a sixth idea that is going to seal the deal for you!

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Now, the holidays are a fun time, getting together with family and enjoying all of your family's traditions. And not everyone thinks about selling their home during the holidays, but maybe you've got a good reason. Maybe you need to make a move for a job. Maybe you're just running out of room, or maybe you want to maximize the market. Well, let me tell you, I've got five great reasons for you, I wrote down right here, that are going to really show you why selling during the holidays can pay off for you.

So reason number one, people who look for a home during the holidays are more serious.  Think about it.  If you're going out looking for a home in the winter, when it's cold out and it's freezing, you're most likely a serious buyer.  You can go out during the spring and summer when it's warm.  That's easy.  Anybody can do that.  But if you're going out when it's cold out, you're looking for a house.

So number two, fewer homes on the market means there is less competition for you.  So during the summer, we have more buyers out, but you also have a lot more sellers.  A lot more homes on the market.  So if you put your home on the market in the holiday season, when there's not as many homes on the market, that's less competition for you. That means you're going to have an easier time selling your home.

Now, that leads us to number three.  Less competition also means that you have a better chance of getting your asking price, or above, because the collection of buyers who are out there, the pool of buyers who are available, are not going to have that much to choose from.  So your home could be at the top of their list.

Number four, houses show better when they're decorated for the holidays!  Think about it.  Don't you love coming home and your home is all decorated and you feel great?  Well, that's how buyers are going to feel walking into your home!  They're going to see all the festive decorations, and they're going to say, "Wow, this feels like a wonderful place that I can call home."  And that's exactly what you want them to feel!

Now, number five, many buyers take time off during the holidays, so they can look for homes.  Their bosses, their employers, expect them to take time off.  Maybe they have vacation time, maybe they just have ordinary time off that they get anyway, but they're going to use that time to look for homes.  Let's make sure that your home is available for them to see!  So while they're off from work, they can see your home and put an offer on it.

Now here's my sixth idea.  My bonus reason why selling your home during the holidays is such a good idea.  You can restrict when you have showings on your home.  So for example, if you're having everyone over for Christmas, and you don't want people showing your home or coming up to see your home during that time, well, we can just say, "No showings on Christmas Day, or on Christmas Eve, or no showings on New Year's Eve," whenever you want.  You can restrict the showings and make sure that you can enjoy your holidays, and still sell your home at the same time.

So let's review.  Number one, buyers are more serious during the holidays.  If you're coming out during the holidays, you're serious.  Number two, fewer homes on the market mean less competition for you.  Number three, having fewer homes on the market means that you have a much better chance of getting your asking price.  Number four, houses show better when they're decorated for the holidays!  Number five, buyers are going to be taking time off from work, might as well let them come see your home.  And number six, the bonus reason, you can restrict showings!  So you can still enjoy the holidays, and get your home sold all at the same time.

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