Last year, my wife and I decided it was time for a bigger house!  I used to use our dining room table as my home office, and she hated that I always had a laptop and papers all over the table.  She turned to me one day and said, "Listen we need a new home.  One where you can have your own office.  Where you can spread out, make calls, and I can SHUT THE DOOR."  I could tell it was time to move!

Being a real estate professional for the past 15 years has taught me a great deal about what it takes to get a home sold.  However, now I felt the like the doctor who's become a patient!  Here is what I confirmed WORKS to get your home sold in the quickest time with the least amount of stress.

1) Being as open as possible to showings is key

This is what I call Sales 101 - the easier you make it for someone to buy from you, the more likely they will.  Since the product you're selling is your home, it's important that you be as accommodating as possible with the people who would like to see it.

Here's a quick story.  I had a client years ago who wanted to see a two-family home.  I called the listing office to make the appointment, and they said, "That home is shown on the first Sunday of the month between one and two o'clock."  They had ONE hour of showings a month!  Do you think the home sold?  You're right, it did not!  Letting people see your home is key to selling it!

2) Keeping your home clean all the time is a pain, but 100% necessary

Do you remember when you were a kid, and you had relatives coming over?  And your parents made you clean like it was the president of the United States coming for a visit?  And you couldn't touch anything or sit anywhere or walk on any vacuumed rugs?  While it's not exactly the same, getting your home ready for buyers to see it is similar.

Every day, you have to wake up, make your bed, make sure there are no dishes in the sink, clean up the bathrooms, and address a whole other host of items before you can leave for the day.  And yes, it's a giant pain.  However, if a buyer wants to see your home and it's a last-minute appointment, you want to know that they can go in your home and be impressed with what they see.  As they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression.  Keeping your home clean is how you do it!

3) The better you price your home, the less you'll have to clean it because you'll get an offer

This is one of those cause and effect things that many people don't always consider.  How do people buy homes?  By comparison shopping.  They look at the price of your home and everything you have to offer, and compare it with similar homes that are currently on the market.  If they feel that one home is a better value than another, they're going to make an offer on that home!  Simple!

When I meet with a homeowner, I bring a market analysis with me.  This shows what has recently sold in the area, and gives me an opportunity to show them how their home compares.  Pricing their home with the market means they will get an offer on their home sooner, which means they won't have to keep cleaning their home every day like the president is coming over!  It's a win-win, because not only will you get an offer more quickly, but you'll also have no problems when it comes time for an appraisal on your home (but we'll save that topic for another day).

How we made it work

When we were selling our home, our dream home hit the market.  We did NOT want to lose out.  I thought to myself, what can we do to make sure we can find the RIGHT buyer who can get to the closing table?  Losing our dream home was NOT an option!

Here is what we did.  We had already fixed up our home in the year prior to selling, so we knew the condition of our home wouldn't be a problem.  I made sure we had great pictures for the listing, and I wrote up the listing to get people EXCITED to come see our home versus the competition!  And we priced it RIGHT!  Our price was compelling, and that's why we got FIVE offers on our home, going over asking price!  This gave us the ability to choose the buyer we thought was the right fit for us, and the rest is history!  We were able to close when we wanted, and are now in our dream home.

If you're thinking of making a move

If you're thinking of making a move, and you need some help getting started, give me a call at 908-705-5110!  We can talk about what you should to do get your home ready to sell, and I can show you how your home compares to homes that have recently sold in your neighborhood.  Plus, we can put a plan together so you can make your next home a reality!  I'm looking forward to talking with you!